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  • Ivan Lozowy

    Your timeline on 6,000 years of urbanization is lacking in established information about Ukraine, on the territory of which large urban centers were built 4,000 to 3,500 BC.
    “During the Middle Trypillia phase (ca. 4000 to 3500 BC), populations belonging to the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture built the largest settlements in Neolithic Europe, some of which contained as many as 3,000 structures and with the possibility of 20,000 to 46,000 inhabitants.” -Wikipedia

    • Max Galka

      Yes, a few people have pointed that one out. I was surprised to learn civilization began so early in Ukraine. You’re right, the map is not comprehensive. As I mention in the post, there are many cities that are not included and others that appear long after they were founded. Still an impressive project by the team who compiled it all.