Reprints, Permissions, and Use Policy

Most of the content found on the site may be reproduced without permission, as long as it is credited to Metrocosm with a link back to the original post/page where you found it.


You do NOT need permission to:
  • Reproduce images that were created by Metrocosm
  • Use the datasets for your own derivative projects
  • Reprint passages of text found on the site
  • Use any Metrocosm content for personal use or for a private presentation


You DO need permission to:
  • Reproduce posts/pages in their entirety (or near-entirety)
  • Embed content that is hosted by Metrocosm — If you would like to use any content from the site, please save it down and host it on your own website, otherwise it puts a strain on my server. If there is an interactive graphic you would like to embed using an iframe, please contact me.